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Flowrigami is an open-source BPM workflow editor and visualization tool that allows creating, editing and visualizing diverse workflows and configure them using graphic components. Flowrigami helps users to easily integrate BPM methodology into their businesses.

Why use Flowrigami?

  • -  Open-source product;
  • -  Supports UML activity notations;
  • -  Speeds up the integration of BPM significantly;
  • -  Easily integrated into any ecosystem;
  • -  Visualizes workflows statically or dynamically.


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Indicator elements can help make your workflow “alive” and keep
focus on process’ progress online
Indicator elements can help make your workflow “alive” and keep focus on process’ progress online

Open source

This component is developed to be open to the world right from the start. If you want to adjust product to your needs or you would like to upgrade it with new functionality - you are welcome.

Sources are stored on Github. Be a part of our international team!


We would like to integrate the following features in the nearest future:

Custom library support, group selection, color schemes, BPMN support, back-end framework (Java, Node.js, PHP), undo/redo support, etc.

Please select the one you would like to see as soon as possible and/or contact us and share what feature will be most suitable for you.


How to embed component on your website

Embed Javascript library into the header:

<script src="flowrigami.js"></script>

Initiate component with id of the target tag where it should appear:

const flowrigami = new Flowrigami(document.getElementById('flowrigami', { viewMode: true }));

Import previously created diagram as a string variable:



Flowrigami is an open-source product distributed under GPL v2.

We provide support to help you integrate component into your project. There are several support plans available as mentioned below.

We are also ready to develop custom functionality of the component for your company on time-and-material basis.

Support plans


Scand is providing a full range of custom software development services. We develop software for dozens of clients worldwide, and we would be glad to do this for you. You are welcome to submit your project/product request using our contact form. We will contact you shortly to clarify all the requirements.