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  • 17 January 2020|

What is a virtual learning environment? How does it affect the education industry? Read our blog post to know:

  • 09 January 2020|

The growth of Python’s popularity and more IoT-based solutions — what are the other 2020 trends of the IT industry? Find out from our recent blog post.

  • 27 December 2019|

How can the hospitality industry benefit from adopting the Internet of things? Learn it from our infographic.

  • 24 December 2019|

Being enthusiastic about all the innovative technologies, in today’s blog post we are speaking about the AI’s impact on the healthcare industry.

  • 19 December 2019|

Why does your business need a payment gateway and which one to choose? Learn from our blog post.

  • 17 December 2019|

Providing a new level of shopping experience and improving the sales conversion — what are the other benefits of AR/VR technologies for the retail industry? Learn from our blog post.

  • 10 December 2019|

How can the blockchain technology improve banking and finance? Read about it in our recent blog post.

  • 06 December 2019|

Which project management tool to choose? We have several options to advise.

  • 04 December 2019|

What is RPA and how it can help your business to automate various processes? Read our latest white paper to learn more.

  • 28 November 2019|

To keep pupils’ and students’ attention, books with plain text should be replaced by innovative approaches to the learning process, for example, AR-based. Learn more about AR in education from our recent blog post.

  • 26 November 2019|

What is the future of mobility? Will we travel from A to B the same way we do now? Find the answers in our latest blog post.

  • 21 November 2019|

The public sector also has a number of challenges blockchain can address, for example, data insecurity, corruption, lack of trust, and others. In our blog post, we will see how can they be solved.