SCAND is located in Europe, in the city of Minsk, the capital and high-tech center of the Republic of Belarus. The country borders on Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Belarus proclaimed its independence in 1991 and since then, has managed to preserve its most prominent production and technological infrastructure, educational establishments, and qualified specialists. Nowadays, the country is highly focused on the development of its IT sector and provides comfortable economical and legal environment for businesses. That's why Belarus is an ideal place for software development outsourcing companies, where local businesses successfully compete with international research and development centers.

Minsk, Belarus

SCAND headquarters and the development center are located in Minsk. The city is a top-notch industrial, technological, and economical hub that became home for successful offshore software development in Belarus. Also, it hosts supreme Belarusian universities that prepare talented IT-engineers. The Belarusian Hi-Tech Park is located in Minsk, and SCAND has been among its top 20 residents since we became an HTP member.

Our Office

Our office is located in a quiet area of downtown Minsk. The office is easy to reach by any type of public transport or by car. There are spacious, air-conditioned, and comfortable office rooms, a gym, and a nice café inside our office building. Our staff members are provided with a convenient working environment, high-end computers, and ergonomic office equipment. The working conditions contribute to the specialists’ commitment to software development process and gaining outstanding proficiency.

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