More Fun with Agile :)

March 16, 2011 – another scheduled Agile Club meeting was held in Minsk.
The topic announced was “More Fun!” and the discussion covered the art of reaching balance between fun and productivity. Of course we attended the event and took part in the discussion!
Short lightning talks on the agenda were as listed:

  • “Making Fun: Hints and Tips Taken from Game Development Experience” by Denis Voikhanskiy;
  • “Guerilla Team Building: 9 Smart Ways to Weld a Team” by Svetlana Kolupayeva;
  • “Our Attempt to Add Some Fun to Working at Taucraft and Why it Almost Worked” by Anton Marchenko.

The lightning talks were followed by open space discussion and experience exchange on the topic. We are going to use knowledge and apply experience shared by our workmates from other IT companies.

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