Software Testing and QA services

software quality assurance service

Scand offers software testing and quality assurance services for any kinds of applications: web, desktop or mobile. We also provide in-depth analysis and QA consulting services of your current projects. Scand cooperates with large- and medium-sized companies operating in different business spheres and boosts their software products to highly competitive and valuable level.

Testing Tools

Scand QA team has relevant experience in working with various quality assurance tools and techniques and has deep expertise in matching them together to achieve the best result. Every individual case is treated personally and the set of tools is picked up accordingly. We widely use the following tools:


  • Selenium
  • Apache JMeter
  • HP UFT/HP QTP/HP LoadRunner


  • jUnit
  • TestNG
  • Cobertura
  • Spock
  • Geb


  • NUnit
  • VisualStudio

Testing Cycle

Our professional QA team is able to analyze your problem and suggest the best combination of different testing activities.


  • requirement analysis
  • project assessment
  • documentation analysis


  • test planning
  • testing documentation set up
  • specification creation


  • prototype testing
  • usability testing


  • smoke testing
  • integration testing
  • unit testing
  • functional testing
  • black/white testing
  • features stability testing
  • multi-platform testing
  • test automation design
  • exploratory testing


  • acceptance testing
  • performance testing
  • stress testing
  • security testing
  • automated tests execution


  • acceptance testing
  • performance testing
  • installation testing

Software Quality Assurance

We have extensive experience in joining large projects where Scand QA team has to cooperate with other teams and departments. Being an outsourcing company our QA engineers frequently work as a part of distributed team and tightly communicate with other team members abroad. All our 40+ QA engineers have decent experience in dealing with quality assurance through Agile testing.

Full-Cycle Testing

Full-cycle testing implies the integration of our QA team into the end-to-end testing processes. It includes the following stages:

  • Requirements and specification testing (review and analysis to assure that tests are complete, logical, consistent, etc.)
  • Manual functional testing
  • Manual non-functional testing
  • Deployment, migration and performance testing
  • Automation of testing for stable parts of applications

Automation Testing

Test automation helps to cut development costs and optimize the qualitative software delivery in a shorter period of time. It reduces the time and efforts spent on repetitive testing tasks significantly.

Documentation Service

We provide neat project documentation: analyze the requirements provided by our customers, design test cases (suites), text plans and checklists, as well as make sure that the detailed reports after any stage of the testing coverage are executed.

Web Application Testing

We are eager to check your web applications for security, availability, scalability, overall performance, etc. Our QA team uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

Software Testing

Scand engineers have deep expertise in full-cycle software testing but at the same time if the customer requires only some particular kind of testing applied, our QA engineers are flexible and skilled enough to actively participate and cooperate on any levels needed.

Mobile Application Testing

Our QA team could provide the analysis and consulting before mobile application testing is performed to reveal the software and hardware specifications and find out the needs of the target audience. We analyze the market trends and create a park of devices accordingly. Once it's done, our QA engineers are ready to run the testing ordered.

Kinds of Testing

Our professional QA team is able to analyze your problem and suggest the best combination of different kinds of testing activities.


  • functional testing
  • installation testing
  • regression testing
  • integration testing
  • smoke testing
  • documentation testing
  • unit testing
  • acceptance testing


  • performance testing
  • load testing
  • stress testing
  • stability testing
  • scalability testing


  • usability testing
  • cross-browser testing
  • multi-platform testing
  • ergonomic testing


Why Companies hire us for Quality Assurance Outsourcing?

  1. Scand Expertise Diversity. We perform QA Services on the majority of up-to-date popular platforms such as LAMP, .NET, Java and mobile.
  2. Scand Extensive Services. We provide full-scale quality assurance services in more than 20 kinds of testing.
  3. Scand Workflow Organization. We lead you through all stages: from the development to the testing services.
  4. Scand Flexible Processes. Our QA team works according to Agile principles and easily cooperates with other teams.
  5. Scand Security Confirmation. We protect your confidential information with a strong NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
  6. Scand Cost-effective Solutions. We offer flexible engagement models: fixed bid, t&m and outstaffing.

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