JTree – AWT eXtensions JTree

Almost any application has some hierachically organized data. Here is our solution how to represent it.

Double-click on folder icon or click on [+] plus to expand subitems.
Click right mouse button to get drop-down menu.
With items can be assigned any icons.

JTree can load its content from XML and supports dynamical loading of sub-nodes. Just take your data from database or file, and JTree will display it in the best way in Web-browser or Java application, providing comfortable and powerful functionality to navigate your data and to manage it!

Light-weight (only 50Kb), high-performance, having clear and comfortable API, applet is highly useful for representation of data in commercial applications. Such features, as dynamical loading of items by opening of subnodes, gives possibility to satisfy client's requirements to display really huge amounts of data fetched from database.

That is a very popular applet – over 100 downloads daily! We are offshore software development company, so we use this applet in many commercial project that we develop.

Click (or double-click) any tree item to see all its sub-items and execute some JavaScript function or just load any document in any frame. It could be initialized from applet tag parameters, or it can read its items' values "on the fly" from web-server or a database. You can set any icon for any tree item, you can use multiple selection in tree holding [CTRL] key down when you click on item. You can add, edit or delete any item in tree.

  • tree structure is so natural, that most of data looks better when you represent it in hierarchical view
  • you get platform independent solution - our applet works perfectly in any Windows browsers and also under Linux or Unix (Solaris)
  • you can customize "look and feel" of the applet to suit best your needs - use font style & color, background colors and icons to create your unique style
  • dynamic data loading and suitable applet API offers you to control it at runtime

And much much more - see version specific features below.

Free version

In general, free version provides all features present in the Windows Explorer TreeView.

  • insert/edit/delete items dynamically using JavaScript,
  • set font(face,style,color) & background for the whole tree,
  • drop-down menu by clicking on an item with right mouse button,
  • definition of own icons for items,
  • event handlers are provided for OnClick, OnDoubleClick events, so you can execute some JavaScript code upon this events.

Advanced version

  • support of XML (see samples),
  • dynamical loading of items from external source when expanding,
    This feature is extremely usefull when you have a huge amount of data to show in the tree, so you don't need to load all the data at startup – the data (can be XML stream) will be loaded later only when you expand subnodes,
  • font(face,style,color) & background setting for any node,
  • definition of nodes to look like hyperlinks,
  • you can use checkboxes (!!) in tree,
  • support of international symbols (including chinese and japenese).

The most important feature of the advanced version is that it is supported. Please make sure that we may not answer to your questions if you are not a registered user.

Please refer to the license for our rights and pricing policy.