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What is GSpread.NET

GSpread.NET is a fast and easy to use library designed for working with Google Spreadsheets by using the well-known API from Microsoft Excel. We're exposing the API into COM, so you have freedom to use our component wherever you have used MS Excel API before, including scripts and applications.

You don't need to make new scripts from scratch or rewrite old programs with the new Google API usage. Just instantiate our COM object instead of Microsoft Excel and our component will do the rest:

--- Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
+++ Set objExcel = CreateObject("GSpreadCOM.Application")

We support MS Excel API from MS Excel 2007 SP3 - MS Excel 2016 and Windows platform from Windows 7.


Why GSpread.NET

There are zillions of scripts and programs working with MS Excel out there in the programming world. With our GSpread.NET we provide you a new possibility to work with Google Spreadsheets in the same way (and using the same API!) as you have done with MS Excel for the last dozens of years.

Just try one line of the code to use our implementation instead of the Microsoft one.

The library supports the subset of MS Excel functions, so you won't find email management, pivot tables or complicated charts. If you need to manage certain data and compute something or, perhaps, add formulas, colors and fonts, or even generate spreadsheet from scratch - GSpread.NET will certainly help you.

Second life for old school scripts

Some time ago we were faced with a need to use Microsoft Excel documents and Google Spreadsheets together. It was a real pain and we decided to make service layer leveraging the API differences and code refactorings.

The story was simple: we had a tool that extracted some data from several excel documents and generated output excel document based on extracted data. The challenge began when some of those source excel documents were migrated to Google Drive.

Since the tool was legacy that used COM to operate with Excel (though we had the source code of that tool), we have implemented several simple vbs scripts over it to tweak results, as we didn't want to change things much. The ideal solution was to make it work without touching the old code at all. Otherwise, it would be much easier to re-implement all legacy code.

Thus, we decided to create a COM wrapper library for Google Client library in order to re-use the old code with minimal changes to access Google Spreadsheets.


The attentive reader will ask how to provide Google account credentials to make it all work as expected? Well, the good news is that Microsoft added MailLogon method to the Excel. Application interface. So, we use this method for authentication in Google, and, for convenience, we get default credentials from config file.

// Name          	- User name, any you like
// ClientIdAndSecret - `client_id|client_secret` format
// ScriptId      	- Google Apps script ID
app.MailLogon(Name, ClientIdAndSecret, ScriptId);

GSpread.NET Download

We believe in freedom! This product is provided "AS IS" under the terms of the GNU GPL v3. Download:

  1. Setup, both 32 and 64 bit: GSpread.NET-1.0-setup.exe
  2. Source code:

In case you need it under another (for example, commercial) license, please contact us using the contact form. Commercial support is available as well.


We hope that you will enjoy using our product. Feel free to submit your feedback, comments or ideas to

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