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.NET FontManager appliances: OxyPlot charts library

For the sake of usability we have added bindings to popular .NET libraries. One of them is OxyPlot. It works fast and has very good architecture allowing to add a few additional options.

Certainly, we have added not only fonts support but SVG output as well; which means we have added SVG Colors (with icc-color(#CMYK,) profile) and fonts.

All patches (oxyplot-final.patch) and patched library source (oxyplot-develop-patched.zip) with binaries (OxyPlot-SvgNet-bin.zip) are available.

.NET FontManager appliances: SvgNet

Unlike the charts library, SvgNet is an open source code supporting drawings to SVG. Logos, simple boxes and other vectorized stuff are there.

For OxyPlot we have added certain code to handle custom fonts and improve the colors. Unfortunately, due to GDI API limits we cannot inherit System.Drawing.Font and supply our derived implementation instead of the standard one (Microsoft like sealed classes even in cases it should not be sealed). So, we have added a few more DrawString() calls for SVGGraphics implementation as well as in the interface. We have no possibility to follow Microsoft contract for Graphics class.

All patches (svgnet-final.patch) and patched library (SvgNet-master-patched.zip) with binaries (OxyPlot-SvgNet-bin.zip) are available.

.NET FontManager library source (dotNET-FontManager-sources.zip).

This library is provided "AS IS" under terms of the GPLv3. In case you need it under another (for example, commercial) license, please contact us using the contact form. Commercial support is available as well.