Outlook4Gmail 4.1.11 released!

We corrected some defects and improved Outlook4Gmail performance. Download updated plug-in here.

What’s New with v.4.1.11:

  •  - Fixed user picture synchronization (provided support of the latest Google update),
  •  - Improved performance of contacts/calendars synchronization,
  •  - Added restore settings from backup in case of load settings failure.


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Upgrade to Outlook4Gmail 4.1.8!

We improved Outlook4Gmail performance and launched version 4.1.8.

What’s New with v.4.1.8:

  • - Improved user interface (Outlook ribbon, toolbar, menu and etc.),
  • - Improved contacts groups synchronization.

What’s New with v.4.1.7:

  • - Improved event synchronization with custom timezones,
  • - Fixed support of “Invalid” and “Ambiguous” time values (Daylight saving time),
  • - Fixed support of custom DPI settings,
  • - Improved synchronization of “Canceled” and “AllDay” events; events with poorly-formatted data,
  • - Improved contacts pictures synchronization,
  • - Improved contacts groups synchronization.


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Scand upgraded to Grails 2.3.5!

grails logoWe really love Grails – a dynamic web application framework and have been thoroughly rewarded for the years of stream-lined development since version 0.4.4. As we wrote earlier Scand development team performed special fixes and improvements to Grails 2.1, which were accepted by Grails community as a part of new release Grails 2.3. Nevertheless, early releases of Grails 2.3 still contained problems that prevented us to use this version as mainstream. But we never stop and keep improving Grails framework, therefore we had fixed these issues in order to contribute to new release Grails 2.3.5.
These are:
* GRAILS-10947
* GRAILS-10638

As a result we have a good foundation for migration of our projects to new version of Grails and could finally do it for software we support. Now we can definitely say that Grails 2.3 is the mainstream version for developing projects using this framework.

 Long live Grails!

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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

SCAND wishes its customers and partners a wonderful Christmas holiday and a prosperous 2014 year!

scand 2014

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New Year Party 2014

New Year corporate party 2014 – 1950s Style Dress by SCAND :)









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Outlook4Gmail 4.1.3 Released!

We improved Outlook4Gmail performance and launched version 4.1.3.

What’s New with v.4.1.3:

  • - Improved application ribbon that makes easier access to synchronization options,
  • - Added full support of all contact’s phone number types,
  • - Added support of multiple Outlook Data Files (.pst),
  • - Added support of Internet Calendars,
  • - Added option to clean up empty Contact Groups on synchronization,
  • - Added balloon tooltips control to “Miscellaneous” dialog,
  • - Automatic start of missed schedule synchronization on Outlook start,
  • - Fixed processing of range occurrence of calendar events,
  • - Fixed all-day events synchronization,
  • - Fixed “Accounts” dialog on edit of the contact’s folder,
  • - Fixed processing of recurrent events with undefined timezone,
  • - Improved Google Groups Cleaning up.

You can download new version here

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Business Process Management

img2.2_4x4How to stay ahead of competitors and  manage business processes within a company effectively? Nowadays companies tend to continuously improve their business processes through different software systems  (BPM, CRM, ERP etc.). Finding the BPM solution that fits your business needs and budget is not a trivial task. Generally BPM systems have a common set of features, which are suitable for one company and don’t meet requirements of other corporations. The best way to solve this issue is to forward your requirements to the software development services provider. Offshore companies can develop BPM solutions which will be optimized for a company specific business processes and management requirements.

Scand has completed development of  Process Management and KPI assessments System for business client that helps to achieve the objectives of strategic planning, manage business process and monitor staff performance. This system will allow considerably enhance company’s  business efficiency. More

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Outlook4Gmail Synchronizes Contacts and Calendars Between Outlook, Google and Android

outl4gmOctober 25, 2013 – Scand Ltd. has released a new version of Outlook4Gmail 4.0.25 – a smart  Outlook add-in that provides easy synchronization of your Outlook and Gmail accounts.

Outlook4Gmail is a new plug-in for Outlook, which supports synchronization of contacts and calendars from Outlook to Google and then with any Android devices.

The main features of this product are:

  • Outlook4Gmail provides a convenient and easy way of syncing Outlook and Google contacts with maximum details: Name, Company, Phones, Emails, Addresses, Dates, Persons, Notes, Contact Picture, Categories and Google Groups, etc.
  • Outlook4Gmail provides various ways of syncing Calendars. The users are able to synchronize Calendars from multiple Google accounts with Outlook, export an Outlook calendar to Google, sync existing calendars, etc.
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Minsk Web Standards Days

October 19, 2013, Scand team participated in the annual meeting -Web Standards Days, which was held in Minsk in  BSUIR .
The main purpose of this event is to provide high – level education and share the experiences in the sphere of web development.
Within the meeting several reports were presented on the following topics: Web Audio API tremendous opportunities, workflow of the  modern web designer, how to work with web graphics, print Yandex.Maps, etc.
Our Lead Architect Alexey Sergeev mentioned that the most attractive report was “ Rest in PSD: workflow of modern web designer ”.  According to his opinion, the reporter highlighted the modern approach to web design and undoubtedly provided helpful information for web developers.

Scand developers at Web Standards Days

Scand developers at Web Standards Days


Thanks to organizers and reporters for this memorable event :)

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Grails 2.3 – a new base development version!


Scand has been using Grails since version 0.4.4 for dozens of applications. Until recently the mainstream development version was 2.1.x, though be frankly we used customized distributive that includes special fixes performed by our developers. Unfortunately, there was no possibility to use more recent versions 2.2.x without these improvements that the community was not ready to include to this version. Our Grails developers managed to fix numerous bugs in order to contribute results to the Grails community as a part of the new release. Corresponding fixes were included in Grails 2.3. Some of these are:

Currently we are going to finish the migration of some pilot projects to Grails 2.3 and afterwards to use Grails 2.3 as the base version for software development. Sure enough, Grails is one of the best development frameworks and we deeply enjoy the possibility to enhance Grails functionality and improve application stability by supporting the open source community.

Long live Grails and the new release of Grails 2.3!

Thanks once again to all contributors including Scand development team! :)

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