Realm Browser Library – easy viewing and editing Realm database files on Android

Due to the development of smartphones more and more applications get created specifically for mobile devices. Therefore, developers search for tools that will provide maximum efficiency and quality. Also, it is preferable that tool is ready for scalability and carrying out all operations immediately. One of the problems faced by many developers is database. Realm is chosen as a mobile database, because it perfectly combines all features required for the convenient development of applications.

Our team loves to work with it. However, we found that it is rather inconvenient that Realm browser is available only for Mac OS X users. Therefore, we decided to fix that problem! Our team created Realm Browser Library. It is a small, but very helpful library designed for viewing and editing Realm database files on Android devices faster and easier. Using Realm Browser Library developers have an access to stored data directly in the program without having to copy the data file. Library also provides the ability to generate data automatically.

There are two ways to open the Realm Browser:

  • 1. Сreate a notification.
  • 2. Call the appropriate method at the right time.

First method prevents interference in your app’s user interface, while the second one provides necessary flexibility.

Recently, we launched a new version of Realm Browser for Аndroid with fixes and improvements. It comes with a more attractive UI for better user experience.

You are welcome on the product page where you will find the details and links to download the library.



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About sponsorship for Children’s IT Academy

Aiming at introducing of information technologies in children and youth’s education in Belarus our company has made a decision to sponsor the Children’s IT Academy, established on the basis of the district center of children’s technical creativity in Orsha.

The official opening of the IT Academy will be held on April 22, before the final Republican contest in the Scratch programming language, which is to take place in Orsha.

The IT Academy will become the basis for realization of the innovative project called “Implementation of the model of organization of students’ extracurricular activities on the I and II stages of secondary education”. The project will apply the programming language Scratch and will be supported by the Hi-Tech Park.

8 more schools in the city will become the base for this 2 -year old project.

The IT Academy children will be able to learn programming in Scratch environment, computer graphics, design and be involved in studying and research activities in the field of information and communication technologies. In perspective an IT literacy study group for the elderly is going to be organized here, there is also a plan to organize a study group on robotics.

In March 2016 SCAND donated 18 computers to the IT Academy to contribute to development of this establishment and building its infrastructure.

computer technologies

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WinGPG – an open source encryption tool for Windows

How often are you sending documents that contain important information? Are you always sure that recipient is the only person that can access and read document?

Protection of confidential information plays significant role in everyday life when it comes to important information being sent to other people. One of the best solutions for privacy protection is PGP and its Open Source implementation – GnuPG (GPG). However, there are no utilities that offer user-friendly interface, easy navigation and stable work at the same time. We did our best to put together all those features and developed an open source solution – WinGPG.

WinGPG is a tray-based classical Windows application that executes GPG (via GPGme library) with proper options. We decided to keep it simple: a special “shell” for GPG is simplified and is really native (not a Linux port). Application registers shortcuts and extensions in your system, which provides better usability. It has been proved that encryption method that is used in GnuPG is really good, so cryptography was left without any modifications.

Our advantages can be summarized in three words: simple, fast, and free:

  • - No complicated setup, just run batch file.
  • - Automatic zipping at encryption time. Your files are ready to be transmitted via email or messenger immediately, without any extra steps.
  • - An open source solution. We believe in freedom.

The following operations are supported:

  • - Key management (create, import, export, revoke).
  • - Encrypt/Decrypt.
  • - Sign/Verification for files.
  • - WinNT Explorer support via context menus, works for Total Commander and FAR.
  • - Global shortcuts work from the active explorer window and clipboard.
  • - Clipboard supports both texts and files.

WinGPG has many nice tricks and options, like global accelerators, file types registered to WinGPG, etc. This is a fully functional tool, which offers you an opportunity to manage keys and files easily. We keep working on the most important and widely used features. But the primary goal is to let you do simple things easily and in a comfortable way!


This product is provided under GPL license. Free download available from the product page.

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.NET FontManager – a freely available software library to support font formats

We are all familiar with that situation in software development: code is written, everything is working fine, except some small but vital detail that needs your attention – font. You have non-standard or commercial font that windows wants to substitute. And now you need to think on how to work with it, how to distribute it and how to keep windows font substitution hands out of your font. Issue is getting escalated if you are working on .NET or ASP.NET.

One of the quickest decisions that might come to you is to purchase the TrueType font format. But we have a better solution for you!

We created .NET FontManager, which is an intellectual wrapper over the FreeType2 open source library that uses GPLv2 as the original library. With the help of .NET FontManager you can use the common type of font files, get contours of every glyph and draw them as you need. The library is rather simple and all you need to know about fonts internals is that they are low-level.

Technically, it works through freetype2 version 2.5 and supports all fonts from this library. It means that instead of playing with low C code you can work with .NET and operate with pure .NET abstractions. OpenType, CID fonts, Type1 are handled by freetype2 and hold glyphs in vector.

For the sake of usability we have added bindings to popular .NET library – OxyPlot. The typical appliance will look like:


All fonts are handled by .Net FontManager and stored in SVG font format.

So, all you need is to bring everything with your application, use it from your private folder and it will work in an excellent manner: the proper look, the proper feel and no interference with other fonts and programs. Easy distribution is also important. When you work with font files you know the proper font all the time; and errors in font metadata will not bring you any trouble. Just use contents and add any “font name” to it according to your needs. Every number and every curve are available through .NET FontManager!

More details and free download are on the product page.



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About JiraGear

JiraGear is a mobile application that was created by our team in order to be aware of what is going on in JIRA.

Use JiraGear to:

  • - View selected Activity Stream.
  • - Configure notifications for new activities in selected Streams, while app is in background mode.
  • - View JIRA issue from selected Activity and work with it right from the application.
  • - Mark Activity as read/unread.
  • - Add unlimited number of Activity Streams from multiple JIRA instances.
  • - Import saved Activity Streams.

JiraGear is simple and easy to use. Just add the project you want to follow in Activity Stream projects, workspaces (from Jira, Confluence and other products Atlassian) and receive notifications of activity! Instead of receiving hundreds of notifications on email, open and read each in order keep up with updates, with JiraGear you will immediately see the basic information about the change: who, did what, and when. There is no need to restart application each time: it works in the background mode and notification is displayed on the lock screen of your device, as well as in the iOS Notification Center.

JiraGear is easy to setup. You can do it in three different ways:

  1. Insert project key and login credentials on Stream setting page.
  2. Paste RSS feed link and login credentials on Stream setting page.
  3. Import json file from link.

JiraGear screenshotStop using paid softwares for managing your activities in JIRA. Use JiraGear app to manage and keep up with important tasks for you and your team. See activities that happen in your project, review issues, and check every piece of information you care about.

For more details visit our website or download app directly on the App Store.


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Selfie King – a selfie challenge app for Android

There are a lot of possibilities to share your selfies with the world. The process is quite common: you search for inspiring idea or look, take selfie, beautify it with filters, share it over all possible social networks and check for the number of “likes” and comments received.

It is time to take it to the new level with our Android application – Selfie King!

Invite your friends or other selfie lovers to challenge you over “likes” in the real time contest. Selfie King gives you possibility to post photos to multiple challenges: “group selfie”, “best friends” … you name it! Share marvelous, funny, crazy, beautiful photos of your life. Get involved in various challenges, get cool ideas and inspiration from other selfie takers, meet new people and make new friends.

Selfie King is easy to use. Sign in using Facebook or Google account, add photo, set challenge type (open or private) and name it, set duration time for the challenge, invite people and let the battle begin!

logo-selfi-king-120Take the most creative selfie, collect “likes” and get points in order to get to the top of LeaderBoard. Become the Selfie King!

For more details visit our website or download app directly on Google Play.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear customers and partners,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!

We wish you and your families luck, prosperity and health in the coming year. Thank you for working with us and we hope to continue this professional collaboration in the future!


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Mobile E-mail Organizer

Implementing our rich experience in the custom software development, we are proud to announce the range of new mobile applications and libraries planned for the nearest future.

We receive dozens of messages every day. Also we use our mobile devices to get in touch with colleagues and friends via e-mails. We can spend a lot of time organizing our e-mails into folders and creating filters. Sure enough, everyone would be happy in case e-mails on mobile were organized. So we need an organization tool to save our time and improve our productivity.

Just recently Scand team developed a simple and convenient application helping you to filter tons of your e-mails! Mobile E-mail Organizer brings handy features to improve user productivity significantly. What can Mobile E-mail Organizer do for your inbox? It will remove all unwanted e-mails, move other e-mails into target folders, flag e-mails and you will no longer have filtering problems with your inbox!

Currently this app isn’t published on Play Market and Appstore. However, public release of beta-version is coming soon! For those of you who want to participate in alpha and beta testing of Mobile E-mail Organizer please consider to write us at:


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Outlook4Gmail v. 4.4.1 released!

We improved Outlook4Gmail performance and added new features:

Whats new in version 4.4.1:

  • - Fixed synchronization of contacts with badly formatted relations,
  • - Fixed hanging of the Calendar synchronization.

Whats new in version 4.4.0:

  • - Added support of Recurrent event’s exceptions (occurrences),
  • - Added synchronization of “Visibility” field for Calendar events,
  • - Added synchronization of “Spouse”, “File As” fields for Contacts,
  • - Added ability to generate “File As” fields for Contacts in Outlook,
  • - Improved “Delete items” dialog (provided more details).

Download updated plug-in here.

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Custom software development for Windows, Mac OS and Unix

We frequently work on desktop software, including software for  Windows, Mac OS, Linux.  Our portfolio includes hundreds of successfully completed projects in the area of desktop software applications development. We have managed to aggregate knowledge and experience at practically all levels – from low-level software development (for example drivers for Windows and Linux) to developing user interfaces with .NET, Objective C, Qt.

In particular, we have expertise in development of the following types of desktop applications:

  • - Instant messaging, voice messaging,
  • - Backup and replication services Firewalls, remote security and administration solutions, Desktop applications of any complexity with a customizable user interface, system extensions and add-ons / plug-ins for popular applications (Outlook, Firefox, Skype, Adobe Acrobat, Adove InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, XTensions for QuarkXPress, etc)
  • - Online/offline car parts catalogs,
  • - Educational and healthcare systems,
  • - Travel booking systems.

More about custom software development services here.

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