Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear customers and partners,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!

We wish you and your families luck, prosperity and health in the coming year. Thank you for working with us and we hope to continue this professional collaboration in the future!


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Mobile E-mail Organizer

Implementing our rich experience in the custom software development, we are proud to announce the range of new mobile applications and libraries planned for the nearest future.

We receive dozens of messages every day. Also we use our mobile devices to get in touch with colleagues and friends via e-mails. We can spend a lot of time organizing our e-mails into folders and creating filters. Sure enough, everyone would be happy in case e-mails on mobile were organized. So we need an organization tool to save our time and improve our productivity.

Just recently Scand team developed a simple and convenient application helping you to filter tons of your e-mails! Mobile E-mail Organizer brings handy features to improve user productivity significantly. What can Mobile E-mail Organizer do for your inbox? It will remove all unwanted e-mails, move other e-mails into target folders, flag e-mails and you will no longer have filtering problems with your inbox!

Currently this app isn’t published on Play Market and Appstore. However, public release of beta-version is coming soon! For those of you who want to participate in alpha and beta testing of Mobile E-mail Organizer please consider to write us at:


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Outlook4Gmail v. 4.4.1 released!

We improved Outlook4Gmail performance and added new features:

Whats new in version 4.4.1:

  • - Fixed synchronization of contacts with badly formatted relations,
  • - Fixed hanging of the Calendar synchronization.

Whats new in version 4.4.0:

  • - Added support of Recurrent event’s exceptions (occurrences),
  • - Added synchronization of “Visibility” field for Calendar events,
  • - Added synchronization of “Spouse”, “File As” fields for Contacts,
  • - Added ability to generate “File As” fields for Contacts in Outlook,
  • - Improved “Delete items” dialog (provided more details).

Download updated plug-in here.

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Custom software development for Windows, Mac OS and Unix

We frequently work on desktop software, including software for  Windows, Mac OS, Linux.  Our portfolio includes hundreds of successfully completed projects in the area of desktop software applications development. We have managed to aggregate knowledge and experience at practically all levels – from low-level software development (for example drivers for Windows and Linux) to developing user interfaces with .NET, Objective C, Qt.

In particular, we have expertise in development of the following types of desktop applications:

  • - Instant messaging, voice messaging,
  • - Backup and replication services Firewalls, remote security and administration solutions, Desktop applications of any complexity with a customizable user interface, system extensions and add-ons / plug-ins for popular applications (Outlook, Firefox, Skype, Adobe Acrobat, Adove InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, XTensions for QuarkXPress, etc)
  • - Online/offline car parts catalogs,
  • - Educational and healthcare systems,
  • - Travel booking systems.

More about custom software development services here.

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Outlook4Gmail v. 4.3.2 released!

We improved Outlook4Gmail performance and launched version 4.3.2.

Whats new in version 4.3.2:

  • - Added ability to find and remove duplicates in Contacts and Calendar events,
  • - Added synchronization of “Busy Status” for Calendar events,
  • - Prevent Outlook Security Programmatic Access Warning.

Download updated plug-in here.

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Supplier/Procurement management system

Scand accomplished procurement management system development which allows  to track customers/suppliers, manage sales and logistics, generate reports, obtain statistics on business processes and manage internal documentation.

The system highlights are:

  • - It is easily customizable according to the customer needs due to the module’s structure,
  • -  Integration with third-party services for access to public references,
  • - Provide infographics as visual representations of information with the ability to customize the interface according to customer needs,
  • - Optimized for PCs and mobile devices as well.

The system appears to be a web-based procurement solution that reduces the time and efforts required to monitor organizational expenses. Continue reading…

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Customers and Partners,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish you success, happiness and prosperity in the coming year. May it open up more opportunities for your business and bring a lot of interesting projects!


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About Augmented Reality advantages

Augmented reality is one of the most exciting  and cutting-edge technologies that  digitally enhancing view of any object. This technology turns any object  into interactive and  allows digital manipulations.








AR application adds layers with 2D and 3D models directly over the object image captured by camera taking in advantage the angle and the distance to the object. So you can view 3D models of motor vehicle, furniture, etc., using your Android or IOS devices like them were in the real world over the image from your camera.


Scand developed an augmented reality application Vision_AR.  Learn more about our application here.


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The results of the fourth tournament SC&TS 2014!

The fourth  Scand Table Soccer Championship is over.

Hearty congratulations to our Winners: Ilya Gurskiy, Aleksandra Dvoskina and Igor Nasibyants.

Congratulations also to our Finalists: Ilia Ryabokon and Vadzim Tashlikovich


Thank you to all teams for SC&TS 2014!

We are looking forward for the next SC&TS 2015  that will take place at Scand’s office next autumn.

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Scand Table Soccer Championship 2014

 Scand Table Soccer Championship SC&TS 2014 is coming to the final line! The semi-finals are over.

IMG_2851      IMG_2905

Today, the main fight for the Cup will occur at 3 p.m. We look forward  to meeting the strongest teams of fourth championship:

  • “Ot Borta” – Ilia Ryabokon, Vadzim Tashlikovich;
  • “Kriptopoyalnik” – Ilya Gurskiy, Aleksandra Dvoskina/ Igor Nasibyants.

After the final match the awards ceremony will take place. Winners and finalists will be awarded with special prizes.

Have fun playing and good luck to all participants! :)


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