SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite

Business: Publishing
Development Environment: MS VisualStudio Express, Apple Xcode, Adobe SDKs, Java JDK 1.5 and 1.6


We developed advanced publishing software solution allowing import / opening SVG files.


This plug-in provides complete support to browse and open SVG files in Adobe products, with support of all Adobe Creative Suite capabilities. So, for InDesign all effects are applicable not to bounding box, but to SVG shapes. CMYK, export to all supported formats, flattening and high quality PDF are supported.
For Photoshop, layers are supported, and even better: when you open an SVG image in Photoshop it is automatically decomposed to layers, even in case no layers were used in SVG. The decomposition works over SVG content.
Technically, the core of SVG support is written in Java, and bundled to Adobe products via C++.