Innovative web platform - Smart PLM

Business: Enterprise software
Development Environment: MS Visual Studio 2008, CruiseControl, NCover, NUnit, NAnt, FxCop, CVS, HP QuickTest
Technology: C#, VB.Net, XML, XSLT, SOAP, Web services, Ajax, DHTML, IE hosted controls, SQL Server Reporting Services

The Challenge

The main idea was to develop an innovative web platform for product lifecycle management (PLM) systems creation.


Scand developed an innovative web platform that enables creating product lifecycle management (PLM) systems.
Additionally, we have developed Enterprise Quality Management (EQM) and GSM (delivery management) modules on this platform.
The solution allows easy, quick and cost-effective development of PLM solutions for any type of businesses taking into consideration features specific for every enterprise.
It has become possible due to a flexible "Smart PLM" platform we have developed.
It was written in AML/XML meta-model description language and based on Microsoft.Net technologies that make it possible to write and execute custom code at both client and server sides.


This product is targeted not only at end users but also at consulting companies that use the core and ready-made modules as a tool kit to shape final solutions for their own customers, such customers often being consumers and suppliers of spare parts used in product in-line assembly.