Prospero - smart solution for searching products

Business: eCommerce
Development Environment: JIRA, Wiki, CruiseControl, Maven, Tomcat 6, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse
Technology: Java 1.6, Groovy, Grails, Spring, jUnit, Hibernate, Lucene, jQuery, JOSSO

The Challenge:

The goal of the project was to develop perfect e-commerce customizable software for easy creation and supporting of eCommerce marketplaces.


Within the framework of this project we have developed a solution for easy creation and supporting of eCommerce marketplaces. It provides end users with a possibility to search for the required products by a variety of parameters using full-text search and other options. To satisfy enterprise level customers it supports access via web-services, OCI and Ariba protocols and can be configured as Procurement system (or as a part of some external system).


At this moment Prospero has more than 10 customization versions for big European customers (publishing more than 1 Mln products within one marketplace) and more than 50 standard installations.