Supplier/Procurement management system

Business: Procurement, logistics
Development Environment: PHPStorm, Apache, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, WinCVS
Technology: PHP, Yii, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS
Platforms: Linux, Windows

The Challenge

According to the customer request Scand team developed a procurement management system allowing to track customers/suppliers, manage sales and logistics, generate reports displaying details of business process operations, create and track tasks execution. The system also allows to obtain statistics on business processes and manage internal documentation.

System Highlights

  • The system is easily customizable according to the customer needs due to the module's structure;
  • We used multiple database types to process and consolidate reports;
  • Integration with third-party services for access to public references;
  • Providing infographics as visual representations of information with the ability to customize the interface according to customer needs;
  • Optimized for PCs and mobile devices as well;
  • Available public API for third-party developers.

Key Features

  • Full visibility of the company expenses;
  • Tracking and analytic tools;
  • Providing the tools to improve the procurement process;
  • Supply chain coordination;
  • Analysis and estimation of the organization's suppliers;
  • Demand planning, forecasting and supplier management tools;
  • Contract management;
  • Easy Mobile Access to the information;
  • Create tasks, goals and reports.


Scand developed a web-based procurement solution that reduces the time and efforts required to monitor organizational expenses. The client intends to setup this procurement system for manufacturing and commercial agencies, dealer companies, retail chains, etc.