PDF Reader - app for PDF format reading

Business: Office application
Development Environment: XCode + iOS SDK
Technology: Objective C
Platform: iOS

The Challenge

The task was to develop a set of applications for books and documents reading in PDF format, which are distributed by online library services.

System Highlights

PDF Reader is a smart solution for the optimal usage of system resources (memory and CPU time) to display and edit PDF documents with different complexity and dimension.

Key Features

Applications are based on the own library for reading and displaying PDF documents.

The module provides the following functions:

  • Users documents synchronization;
  • Ability to add and synchronize notes and bookmarks;
  • Ability to add annotations, highlight and underline text;
  • Searching by text;
  • Select /copy text.


The chosen architecture, model and the own library for reading and displaying PDF documents allow customer to create another applications based on our solution.