Work time tracking system for enterprises

Business: Business, office app
Development Environment: Eclipse + Android SDK, XCode
Technology: Java, Objective C
Platform: Android, iOS

The Challenge

The project appears to be work time tracking application which allows to fill out and submit the reports and make data synchronization.

System Highlights

For this project we developed an advanced framework. It allows to implement the workflow logic, data processing, exchange and storage, communication with the server, the analysis of NFC service events and the dynamic creation of the user interface, which is the base for all customers.

Key Features

The project consists of 7 client applications built on the same framework. Customers build a user interface and implement the logic dynamically using representations, which they receive from the server.

The application includes the following features:

  • Data input (collection), starting and completion of the tasks using NFC module;
  • A message exchange between users;
  • Filling out forms and data synchronization;
  • Generating and sending reports;
  • Information security;
  • Sending SMS messages;
  • A list of contacts;
  • Obtaining GPS coordinates;
  • Collecting and sending information about the device;
  • QR codes reading.


We developed high-speed, effective and reliable time tracking system with a flexible and easily extendable user interface. Many client applications were implemented for various services based on the same framework.