Software solution for mass printing

Business: Publishing
Development Environment: QtCreator
Tools: Qt, WebKit, C++
Platforms: Linux, Windows

The Challenge

The main goal was to develop and implement a software solution for mass printing of the company's invoices in the existing web-application.

System Highlights

In this project we used open source technologies such as Qt, WebKit and Linux.

Key Features

Due to the fact that all invoices were presented in HTML form, they have to be converted to PDF. Also, we took into consideration the fact that the tables listing goods/services were executed with the use of javascript.

The invoices look like multi-page information listing goods/services and specification by categories and additional options. Many options were illustrated with images. We had to implement a smart pagination mechanism with nice separation of content, included table's separation, the correct placing of headers and margins, ability to scale images.

After some researches of the existing solutions, WebKit and Qt were chosen as the most suitable technologies:

  • We used, but we had to upgrade to new Qt version (from 4.7 to 4.8);
  • The result was a separate server, which could receive print requests and create PDF files. This server has been successfully integrated with already working solution.


This project complied with the customer needs and after it was accomplished successfully the customer made a similar request to develop a system under Windows with additional user interface. Qt benefits allowed to accomplish this task without any difficulties.