LeadControl - Lead Management Salesforce application

Business: Enterprise software
Development Environment: Force.com IDE, MavensMate, Developer Console, Eclipse, Android Studio
Technology: Apex, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, REST/SOAP, Android SDK, Google API
Platforms: Force.com, Android

The Challenge

Scand was set a task to develop a client-server application based on Force.com platform and use Android devices as client-side hardware. The application is used for gathering information about potential customers and allows carrying out further data processing after synchronizing it with Salesforce. During the development process we also decided to include the Call-center into our system in order to handle calls from potential customers as well as perform outgoing calls.

System Highlights

The application uses the following business logic:

  • Manager collects information about potential clients in crowded places (parks, shopping centers, exhibitions, subways, etc.), using a special application on the tablet (Android), then all data are synchronized with SalesForce;
  • Based on the information about potential clients the system generates cold calling leads. All leads are automatically distributed between free operators of the Call-center;
  • An operator calls up a client and converts cold lead into a hot lead, or closes it, depending on the results. The conversation is recorded and automatically attached to the lead for further analysis;
  • Further, the work with a client goes on according to the business process;
  • Top management and analysts have the opportunity of evaluating performance of each employee at any time, as well as improving managers' work.


The Internet access is not always available during gathering information about potential customers. To solve this problem we have implemented the update queue for collecting information while the device is offline. Once the device goes online the queue is pushed to the server to make server DB as actual as it possible.

Key Features

  • During the system development we implemented the function of potential customers data aggregation, using mobile devices based on Android;
  • A conversation with potential client from the Call - center is recorded. This conversation is automatically attached to a potential client in SalesForce for future analyzes and quality service improvement;
  • We have implemented the statistic module regarding managers' performance, and an interactive map for analyzing effectiveness of managers' performance as well as for controlling their location and scheduling;


LeadControl application drives marketing to a new level, accelerates and increases sales volume of a particular company by attracting customers in shopping malls, fairs, shops, etc. Also, due to the rapid processing of customer information the marketing goals become more achievable.