Development of high-efficient insurance software using React and Redux

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Business: Enterprise software
Environment: NPM, NodeJS, Express.js, Babel, Webpack, Sublime Text, MongoDB, Robomongo, Bootstrap, Git
Platforms: Linux, Windows
Technology: React.js Redux.js Immutable.js JSX


The task was to develop fast and lightweight web-based software for the management and support of various insurance activities as well as provide a convenient tool to process data, with the graphical visualization included. We considered React and Redux the most suitable tools for that.

System Highlights

  • The unified system allows managing company resources (clients, agents and products based on customized policies) easily.
  • The usage of the template sets for insurance workflow process allows delegating permissions and responsibility to a particular user stepwise.
  • The Automatic system helps to calculate all benefits and risks and experience their change depending on different parameters.


  • The use of React, Redux and DevTools gives opportunity to reduce the development time and improves the quality of the product, as the most of errors could be corrected yet on the stage of its development with the help of 'hot reloading' and 'time travel'. Using this approach we could return the project to its previous state and re-run the corrected code without reloading the entire application;
  • Since the application is based on Redux, the data flows between the system components more easily and intuitively, making it easier to support the system in the whole and reduce the risks of mistreating the code by other developers;
  • The bundle of Node and Express can simultaneously handle a huge number of connections with high bandwidth, as well as create needed CRUD functionality in the shortest possible time;
  • The usage of MongoDB, as a document-oriented database, was chosen due to the nature and the format of the data insurance business operates.

Key Features

  • Quick creation of initial requests;
  • Possibility to organize different workflows based on the country regulation;
  • Configurable Dashboard;
  • History changes/revisions;
  • Statistics presented in charts and diagrams;
  • Customized reports generation;
  • Possibility to export reports in PDF, MS Word formats;
  • Easy Mobile Access to the information;
  • Single interface for all devices.


Scand team developed a flexible and easy to use system to facilitate business process management in the sphere of various insurance activities processes (e.g. purchase and risk management of life insurance, examination procedures, risk-focused framework, insurance sales activities and other).

If you are interested in any software development with similar functionality, please, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.

If you are interested in any software development with similar functionality, please, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.

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