eBook Reader

Business: Education
Development Environment: Eclipse, AndroidStudio, ADB, Ant, Gradle
Technology: AndroidSDK, Java, C++, SQLite, ORMLite, XML, PDF
Platforms: Android

The Challenge

Scand developed a universal eBook Reader that can be installed on any android tablet. This application is a complete multifunctional application-book and intended for companies and institutions, which have their own training and reference materials library. eBook Reader contains popular - scientific literature, books for studying and methodical training materials. Owning this application means new employees have all necessary materials for studying wherever they go, without having to carry it!

Key features

  • Application allows to attach up to 5 stickers to each page,
  • The margin notes function allows to draw by hand or stylus directly on the page,
  • Easy to bookmark and highlight content,
  • Text share function allows to highlight text and sent it via email or social networks,
  • Text search function inside books or documents,
  • Night-reading mode prevent eyes from hurting in low light conditions,
  • App interface can be changed according to the company requirements (logo, colors, etc.).


We created an application that has been successfully used by several companies and helps managers to save money on the purchase of paper educational materials. Employees, in turn, are able to store all the necessary materials on one small device and be prepared at their working places.