Software for advertising screens

Business: Digital advertising, Media
Development Environment: NetBeans
Technology: PHP, C++, OpenOffice API, ImageMagic library

The Challenge

The project goal was to develop Digital Signage software for advertising with support for a wide range of document formats. PHP and C++ technologies were used while creating the solution, which can be utilized with the minimal workload on the client computer and allows to operate without access to the Internet for a long time or in terms of slow internet connection. It can be used for outdoor (billboard) advertising, in hotels, airports, supermarkets, in public transport and other public places via LCD screens such as digital TV, payment terminals etc.

System Highlights

  • OpenOffice API was used to create an extended system with support of different promotional data input formats;
  • Client utility has a minimal set of functions, that allows to use cheaper clients' PC, since all calculations are done on server side implemented in PHP;
  • The system is able to operate without access to the Internet for a long time, using previously downloaded materials and a special command file.

Key Features

  • Minimized traffic between server and client's PC to which advertising screens are connected;
  • Player app is written in C++, that allows to minimize workload and use cheaper computers;
  • Our own lightweight PHP-MVC framework was used on server side;
  • The user interface is designed in a simple and easy to use way;
  • The system provides the ability of fine-tuning.


Scand team developed advanced digital signage solution which can display multilevel promotional media on an LCD screen using a lightweight PC with Linux on board and which supports a wide range of document formats (pictures, video, flash etc.). The developers of this project possess advanced skills in Linux, PHP and C++.