Cloud CRM system based on Salesforce

Business: Enterprise software
Development Environment: IDE, Developer Console, DataLoader, MavensMate
Technology: Apex, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, OAuth, REST, SOAP
Platforms:, SalesForce1, Marketing Cloud

The Challenge

Scand dedicated team was contracted by US customer to develop a convenient and transparent Cloud CRM solution based on the platform having a rich feature set to support specific business needs of our client. The system allows to track information across departments, efficiently organize information about customers, track leads and opportunities, manage business contracts and provide enhanced customer support services.

System Highlights

  • Customizable and scalable Cloud-based CRM solution with user-friendly interface, easy navigation and a lot of features;
  • Customer and employee applications with an ability to synchronize data;
  • Business Logic Integration: process builder and workflow rules;
  • Integration with Analytics REST API and Marketing Cloud;
  • Solution is scalable and flexible using configuration changes and adding/removing certain modules.


  • During operation of the business processes with a large amount of data, we have exceeded SalesForce limits. To solve this problem the application architecture and database has been optimized.
  • One of the customer requirements was loading large files in SalesForce (SalesForce has 10 MB file size limits). We implemented the page to download large files using the REST API.
  • Some time later after running the application to production server we have got a problem with the data storage overflow. We have solved it by implementing integration with Google Drive.

Key Features

  • Systematization of business contacts, leads and opportunities;
  • Ability to create and handle business contracts and price lists;
  • Create a reminder for important tasks and appointments;
  • Ability to create custom history for each customer and track executive's activities;
  • Create and export reports in PDF, MS Word formats;
  • Case management tools in order to manage and rapidly resolve customer issues;
  • Integration with social networks, Google apps;
  • Ability to view and send email from Microsoft Outlook (2010-2013) within the CRM application.


Scand has developed a seamless CRM system that helps our client to get the 360-degree view of customer relationship management and thereby maximize company productivity.