CompeNet - system for creative advertising ideas

Business: Social networks
Development Environment: Edit, Git, SSH, GIMP
Tools: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Sublime Video Player

The Challenge

The task was global social secure network development where anyone can participate and be awarded in competitions carried out by different companies. The main idea of this competition is to create and implement a new promotional product. Currently, the following formats are supported: video, audio, banner, poster, and concept-idea. As well, Users are able to vote for their favorite videos.

System Highlights

CompeNet appears to be a complex software product based on Ruby on Rails. We used MySQL and MongoDB to store data.

Key Features

Currently, video competitions are the most popular in this network. Thereby, video formats are supported at the highest level. When the movie is downloaded, it will be shown via modern HTLM5 video-API and JavaScript plug-in Sublime Video Player, which provides a single interface with the regression to Flash-player in the outdated browsers.

API allows third-party and client applications to use data from CompeNet on their websites or applications. So, we implemented two applications on the API base:

  • Admin Sata it is application for CompeNet content management and administration: creation of competitions, editing commercials and users, etc.
  • Facebook Application it is Ruby on Rails application. It provides the ability to publish competitions on Facebook pages with extended sharing-API support.


CompeNet is a powerful social software where anyone has the opportunity to earn money with their talent and originality and the companies can get a lot of creative and professional promotional products.