Caritoon - e-commerce solution to support market places

Business: eCommerce
Development Environment: JIRA, Wiki, Bamboo, Maven, Tomcat 5+, IBM WebSphere Application Server 6, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, JOSSO.
Technology: Java 1.5, Spring (IoC, security, transaction), jUnit, Hibernate, JSF, XSLT, OSWorkflow, Groovy.

The Challenge

Scand team developed advanced e-commerce customizable software to create and support eCommerce market places.


In the trading business there is quite a big number of standard and non-standard formats for storing and transferring information about products. This is why managing, cleaning or converting data stored in these formats is a routine task, especially for an enterprise. Our e-commerce solutions development skills provide an easy way for resolving these tasks. Using Caritoon information can be easily imported and exported to/from your database or even converted to any other format without accessing the database. An additionally embedded workflow engine provides a possibility to define business rules - sometimes being rather complicated - for controlling the process of data transformation or even making a full- fledged workflow definition corresponding to the real business workflow of a company.


Our solution can be configured to work either in a single- or multitenant mode. The multitenant mode makes this solution available for small companies that can share the cost of this solution with other companies.