Augmented Reality

Business: B2B
Development Environment: Eclipse, Android Studio, XCode
Technology: Java, Objective C, C/C++, NDK, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Open CV
Platforms: Android, iOS


Scand has developed an augmented reality application Vision_AR. Augmented reality is a cutting-edge technology that allows achieving digitally enhanced view of any object. The application Vision_AR works with the camera and sensors of smartphone or tablet. This application adds layers with 2D and 3D models directly over the object depending on the angle and the distance to the object (e. g. the application displays 3D models of motor vehicle, refrigerator, furniture, etc.), so that users could view all parts of the object or product in the real world environment (e.g. view the table in the specific room).

The Vision_AR application can be easily customized for use in different areas according to specific requirements, needs and activities.


At the moment the application is successfully used in advertising, presentations of products, automotive industry, education and games.