Frequently Asked Questions

How do you benefit?

  • due to lower labor costs in Eastern Europe and abundance of highly skilled specialists in the area we provide high quality programming services at low cost. Our services include all related activities: from concept design (if required) to comprehensive testing;
  • we value the good name of the company, and to ensure the quality of our products, we offer 6-month error-free guarantee and technical support for no additional fee for every piece of software we develop;
  • you get top quality programming and development services written to your specifications and within your budget and delivered on time;
  • all source code is fully documented and tested based on our own QA and Testing procedures developed in-house;
  • quality maintenance in close coordination with clients;
  • guaranteed confidentiality of the project under development;
  • you are provided with a time line for projects throughout all stages;
  • we provide not only full source code documentation, but also user manuals and full context sensitive help for your programs, if requested.

Who is the owner of the developed software?

Often our clients ask us

  • not to disclose any information about the project we are involved in
  • to keep the ownership of the developed software for themselves

To satisfy these requirements we sign and send non-disclosure agreement per fax or per post, and refuse all the copyright to the software developed by us. Only in very special cases, when extremely important ideas were generated within our company, we may ask for additional payment or a part of the copyright.

How to start?

Just send us an email with any questions that might be interesting or not clear to you. Or, if everything is clear and you wish to work with us, please send us:

  • short description of your needs, probably a concept or specification of your project;
  • time plan required, if any;
  • the number of people you want to work for you and required skills.

We will analyze your request and answer you ASAP, usually the next day.

We will send you:

  • our proposal concerning the technical part of the project (tools, methods, solutions we are able to come up with as a result of brainstorming);
  • time and costs estimation on completion of the job;
  • resumes of employees that we would like to recommend you to work with

Also, we will offer you to create an initial prototype of your project, to show you our abilities, for free! If you like it, we will continue working together and will charge you for the following tasks only.

At any moment of the process described above we may also use any other way of communication, such as phone, fax, Skype or you may visit us. But we think that the suggested way of joint work is the fastest and the most convenient one.

Please, don't hesitate to drop us a few lines, we will be happy to get your feedback!

I am interested in establishing a partnership with Scand. Is it possible?

We have established relationships with companies reselling our services onshore. Even employing just a few software engineers, small companies are able to obtain and to develop large projects by reselling our services. Charging normal onshore price (or lower) and outsourcing some jobs to us, our clients are able to achieve huge competitive advantage and benefit using price difference.
Recently a share of such relationships has started to grow especially fast because of its profitability. If you have any ideas how you can profit on it, you are welcome to contact us.

Where is Belarus located? What city are you in?

Belarus is located in Eastern Europe, between Poland and Russia. Its population amounts to 10 million. The capital is Minsk (1.8 million inhabitants). More details about Belarus are available at
Our office is located in downtown Minsk.

How do I get to Minsk?

Flights from Frankfurt (daily), Munich (3 times a week), Vienna (3 times a week) and Berlin (3 times a week) to Minsk international airport take 2 hours.
It is also possible to fly from Moscow (three times daily), the flight takes 1 hour.