Programming services for Windows, Mac OS, Unix

Our portfolio includes hundreds of successfully completed projects in the area of desktop software applications development. In particular, we have expertise in development of the following types of desktop applications:

  • Instant messaging, voice messaging,
  • Backup and replication services,
  • Firewalls, remote security and administration solutions,
  • Low-level applications and hardware drivers, such as file system encryption, file system protection, file system real time backup and mirroring, custom network protocols, file system and file system filter drivers, and many other types of drivers as well, including audio/video drivers and peripheral filtering,
  • Desktop applications of any complexity with a customizable user interface, system extensions and add-ons / plug-ins for popular applications (Outlook, Firefox, Skype, Adobe Acrobat, Adove InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, XTensions for QuarkXPress, etc),
  • Well-structured and effectively extensible solutions: custom plug-ins, scripting, custom DSL, etc.,
  • Online/offline car parts catalogs,
  • Educational and healthcare systems,
  • Travel booking systems,
  • Desktop publishing automation systems,
  • Development tools and IDEs,
  • Open source software, including Firefox, Chrome, Apache libraries, Grails and other.

For development of applications for Windows platform we are mostly using Microsoft technologies stack - Visual Studio and C++ / .NET, including Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office system (VSTO), Windows Driver Kit (WDK), Windows Driver Foundation (WDF), .NET Framework, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and many other tools. Our specialists have a deep understanding of most modern C++ and .NET technologies and are able to develop very complex solutions.

Sure, we create software not only for Windows. Our specialists possess deep skills in development of desktop software for Unix / Linux platforms, as well as for MacOS X system. We have developed modern cross-platform enterprise-level server and desktop applications for a variety of platforms, have ported existing Windows applications to Linux and from 32-bit to 64-bit platform.

For this kind of projects besides of typical C/C++ (we have great experience with GCC/CLang) and scripting languages (shell, Tcl/Tk, PHP etc.) we are using also modern technologies - Python, RoR, Java, Mono. We pay very close attention to Qt - nowadays it is one of the best libraries for developing desktop apps for Unix / Linux.

On Unix/Linux platform, our activities also include:

  • Participation in open source projects, such as for example customization of browsers (Firefox, Chromium),
  • Development of embedded systems on Linux, like medical equipment firmware,
  • Development of heterogeneous systems and integration of Windows, Linux, Mac OS and mobile applications into one solution,
  • Implementations for cloud Computing, failover and HA clusters,
  • Kernel mode development for various devices and specific cases,
  • Performance, network and memory optimizations for existing solutions,
  • Software packaging and tuning,
  • ...and a lot of other solutions - millions lines of code and gigabytes of data.

As well, our team has a wide experience in cross platform application development, applied for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux:

  • Implementation of custom design and look & feel independent of target platform, to have unique user experience and recognizable brand apps,
  • Porting of sources from one platform to another, patch/contribute to existing open source libraries,
  • Support of peripheral devices like stylus, pen, projector and other.

If you're interested in discussing potential projects, please don't hesitate to get in touch. To learn more about our development services you can review our Portfolio.

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