Core competencies

Scand provides software development outsourcing services. During our more than 15 years of being in operation we have been involved in projects dealing with many areas of IT, however, the best results achieved by us lie within the following spheres:

Web application development

Web app development Back to its establishment date Scand has been specializing in development of Web-based software, to be precise, the development of applications that work in any browser as if they were installed on a user's local computer. This kind of software is distinguished by complex user interface containing elements standard for desktop OS but non-standard for the Web (at least non-standard for the time when we started to do that).
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Custom software development for Windows, Mac OS and Unix

Software development Of course we frequently work on desktop software as well, including software for OS Windows, Mac OS, Linux. In this sphere we have managed to aggregate knowledge and experience at practically all levels - from low-level software development (for example drivers for Windows and Linux) to developing user interfaces with .NET, Objective C, Qt. Learn more

Database design, development and management

Database development There are few enterprise applications that do not use DBMS for data storage and processing. We have gained an extraordinarily rich experience working with such well-known databases as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgresql, MS Access. We have lately worked a lot also with the so-called NoSQL engines like MongoDB, CouchDB. Learn more

Mobile software development

Mobile app development Lately mobile software development market has been booming and we also have made our contribution and continue doing this. Our specialists have developed dozens of applications for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and we are continuously expanding our client list in this field. Learn more

Plug-in Development for Adobe InDesign, InCopy and Adobe InDesign Server

Adobe plug-in development Adobe InDesign is a leader for producing layouts in Publishing Industry, but it can be extended with the help of Plug-ins. We create efficient solutions based on Adobe InDesign and InCopy for magazines, newspapers and corporate publishers. Learn more.

We make use of our experience and develop our own products, some of them are:

  • Outlook4Gmail provides easy synchronization of Outlook and Google accounts,
  • SkyHistory is a Skype application that stores and manages Skype chat history and call logs,
  • SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite provides support of SVG format for Adobe InDesign and Photoshop software products.

For more details about technical and business expertise please see Experience and Industries.