Why clients choose our company for outsourcing software development? There are several key factors to do this.

Scand is a stable company:

  • 15+ years in software development business,
  • 15+ permanent clients located in different countries and specializing in a broad range of industries,
  • 300+ completed projects in various IT areas and
  • a long list of experience and practices acquired.

We are proud of our rich and eventful history, wide range of skills and diversified client pool, we are a reliable partner.

We are middle-sized and therefore flexible:

  • we take over projects from one man-month to dozens of man-years;
  • we easily adapt our internal processes to models required by the client;
  • due to lower management overheads we offer extremely competitive pricing.

We combine solid background and experience of a large company with flexibility and adaptability of a middle-scale one, which works well and has proven to be highly effective.