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Vault is an applet providing batch file uploading/downloading capabilities together with the related file manipulation routines. It has a user friendly interface, displays a progress bar reflecting the upload/download process and has a warning/error messages system to inform users of any collisions.

Users have a possibility to add and remove files to/from the batch list, rename files and folders, cancel the current task.

Another option is selecting files from both local and network-mapped folders, optionally including all sub-folders. Additionally, users can enter any valid network path and browse it in the file selection dialog.

File transfer works over http, SSL (https) with or without proxy. This is achieved by using browser's native connection classes. And the most attractive feature is the possibility to upload huge files (unlimited file size) with no timeouts or memory lacks (a well-known java bug).

We use all available network traffic, so the transfer will go as fast as your LAN/WAN allows. You can submit your form data together with the file. It is usually required to send the state information back to the server.

What else can you do with the Vault applet which is impossible with a usual FILE form input field? Well, you can control, filter and preprocess the file list that the user has selected. You can enable or disable to transfer some file types basing on your application logic, and you can collect additional information related to those files. And finally, you don't need to reload your page while transferring the files.

We use the standard "multipart/form-data" content encoding, so the applet is compatible with any server-side uploading component. The quality of the server-side component as well as the hard-drive performance will also affect the resulting transfer rate.

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