Vault – File Upload and Download Java AppletVault

Vault Java applet is file uploading and downloading software. Vault provides multiple file upload and download capabilities along with the related file manipulation routines. Multi upload possibility lets you create robust and powerful file upload system that can be available right from your web browser. Intuitive and easily accessible interface as well as the ability to transfer files of unlimited size and customizable options make Vault Applet a perfect solution for client-server file exchange.

The applet has an upload progress bar indicator allowing you see real time progress of your file upload. Warning/error message system gives the possibility to inform the user about any collisions occurred during the upload process. The user can add/remove files to the batch list, rename files and folders, cancel the running process. Files for upload can be selected from both local and network-mapped folders, optionally including all sub-folders. Additionally, the user can enter any valid network path and browse it in the file selection dialog.

Large File Upload/Download

The most powerful feature of Vault applet is the possibility to upload large files (of unlimited file size) with no timeouts and no memory leaks. Our multiple file upload and download applet provides fast and high-performance file transfer that works over http, SSL (https) with or without proxy. This is achieved by using browser native connection classes. Vault uses all available network traffic, so the file transfer will go as fast as your LAN/WAN allows. You can submit your form data together with the file. It is usually required to send some application state information back to the server.

Extended Functionality

You will probably wonder, what else you can do with Vault applet that you are unable to do with a usual FILE form input field? There is a list of other usable functions:

  • control, filter and preprocess the file list that a user has selected;
  • enable or disable transferring of some file types based upon your application logic and collect additional information related to those files;
  • you do not need to reload your page while you are transferring the files.
  • We use the standard "multipart/form-data" content encoding, so the applet is compatible with any server-side uploading component. The quality of the server-side component as well as the hard-drive performance will also affect the resulting transfer rate.

    Vault features are customer benefits

    • multiple file upload/download without page reloading,
    • unlimited single/multiple file size to upload,
    • possibility to upload whole folders with sub-folders,
    • transfer information dialog with a progress bar and a cancel button,
    • supports SSL (https),
    • supports proxy servers (takes data from the browser settings),
    • network folders upload and download available,
    • files/folders rename possibility,
    • retry upload/download option is available,
    • automatic overwriting of duplicate downloads,
    • filtering of user selection (restricted by file extension, file path, etc.) before uploading,
    • providing user authorized access to the user's local file system from your html page (to get file size, last modified date, checksum and other file details),
    • source code license is available on request.

    Server side

    • any OS,
    • any web server.

    Client side

    • any OS,
    • any web browser with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) plug-in.

    Sample 1: Vault applet – File Upload mode.

    Vault upload

    Sample 2: Vault applet – File Download mode.

    Vault download

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