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If you want to represent your information dynamically, need to show hierarchical information in a comfortable way, or looking for a way to have a sortable grid, our TreeTable applet is the right solution for you!

Click on the selected cell to edit it.
Double-click on folder icon or click on [+] plus to expand subitems.
Click on column header to sort it up, click again to sort it down.
Drag column header border to resize it, double click on it to auto-resize.

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Applet can load its content from XML, allows editing of cells content as a text field (like in Excel), put checkboxes, combo boxes, hyperlinks, pictures and any other widgets in cells. Light-weight (only 73Kb), high-performance, having clear and comfortable API, applet is highly useful for representation of data in commercial applications. Such features, as dynamical loading of items by opening of subnodes, gives possibility to satisfy client's requirements to display really huge amounts of data fetched from database.

Best Web Tool

On March, 2012, Scand Ltd. was cited as one of the best software development companies
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A Jars Top 25% 863 (out of a possible 1000), featured by JavaBoutique as Applet of the Day on October 25, 2000, our TreeTable applet already won a greatest reputation in Java-development community.

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You can get a free version and buy commercial here.

Are you looking for a Swing implementation of the same thing? We have it here.

If your data is currently represented by HTML table, but it has naturally hierarchical structure, you need for sure our TreeTable applet – you get all of its benefits:

  • combined table and tree structures "in one" – so you get column sorting and comparison comfort together with tree possibilites like expanding of subnodes to see your info in details.
  • you get platform independent solution – our applet works perfectly in any Windows browsers and also under Linux or Unix (Solaris).
  • you can customize "look and feel" of the applet to suit best your needs – use font style & color, background colors and icons to create your unique style.
  • dynamic data loading and suitable applet API offers you to control it at runtime.

And much much more – see version specific features below.

Free version

  • typical table behavior - column sorting and resizing, row selection with corresponding JavaScript function call.
  • you can specify initial column width in percent.
  • hierarchical tree representation of your data - you can expand and collapse subnodes if you need detailed data view.
  • you can customize applet look by specifying row text and background color and  tree icons - via applet parameters.

Advanced version

  • it is possible to change font - face, size, style you can both specify this in <PARAM> tags or set it at runtime using JavaScript.
  • it is possible to change text & background color for any cell.
  • it is possible to change text alignment for any cell.
  • it is possible to display links in cells - you can specify or an URL and a frame name where to open it, or some parameters for a JavaScript function to call when you click on the hyperlink. This is the simplest way to provide "file download" link in the treetable.
  • at runtime you can make applet API calls (from JavaScript) fully specified in applet documentation.
  • you have direct access to any cell with all its properties via cells(i,j) method.
  • items can be loaded dynamically from external source when expanding. This feature is extremely usefull when you have a huge amount of data to show in the tree, so you don't need to load all the data at startup – the data will be loaded later only when you expand subnodes.
  • event handlers are provided for OnClick, OnDoubleClick, OnExpandNode, OnCollapseNode events, so you can execute some JavaScript code upon this events.
  • multi-language support: the applet can display any symbols, including japanese symbols.

The most important feature of the advanced version is that it is supported. Please make sure that we may not answer to your questions if you are not a registered user.

Please refer to the license for our rights and pricing policy.

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"Your Tree Table product is exactly what I'm looking for."

"1stly – thanks for use of your tree applet, its fantastic that you provide these resources to aid the dev community."

"Wow... good job! Especially considering the use of AWT!"

"Thanks for such a wonderful applet."

"I think you guys did a very good job on the tree table."