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Phoebius – object-oriented PHP5 frameworkPhoebius

Phoebius [ˈfi:biəs] is a truly object-oriented PHP5 framework for complex applications, which features a powerful meta-programming abilities and a toolset for handling an application flow with high cohesion at every valuable architectural level: from receiving the request till sending the response.

Main features

  • explore rich functionality of autogenerated code,
  • define request routing and dispatching,
  • query ORM to fetch entity objects,
  • encapsulate presentation layer,
  • extend entity type system.

Its goal is to minimize the risks and costs of software development by shifting the developers attention to the context of application logic. All you need is to define a project domain and then apply a programming code against it. The bootstrapping, mapping, testing and deployment is carried by the framework internals thus cutting the number of potential inconsistencies. Nevertheless, having a truly object-oriented architecture, Phoebius provides an ability to configure and re-implement an interface of at least any application layer within the control flow stack.

Phoebius framework is the best choice as the basis of long-run web applications that meant to be scalable enough to meet the requirements of extremely-changing real world.

Phoebius framework is an open-source project, published under the terms of the LGPL.

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