Scand Ltd. was founded in September 2000 by a group of enthusiasts. From the very beginning the company specialized in custom software development, mostly in Java and C++.

The quality of our services resulted into a fast growth of the company - in 2002 the personnel consisted of about 20 employees. We started to invest into development of our own products mostly related to Java components for RIA.

During 2003 and in 2004 this helped us to establish long-term relationship with a number of clients from the USA and EU, most of whom are still working with us. We created a Japanese version of our Web-site and started active marketing in Japan.

This strategy turned out a success and in 2005 it helped us to win a project for a major Japanese corporation, which later also brought about new contracts with several other customers in Japan. Also in 2005 we started cooperation with a major US-based manufacturer of hand-held devices and thus formed a department of mobile software development. In April 2005 our team grew up to 120 engineers.

In 2006 we started several projects for new Swedish and Swiss customers, and opened a PHP department.

In 2007 our personnel counted about 100 employees. Since that time on we have been intensively using .NET and developing several system drivers for a large US-based company. In September 2007 we established a joint hi-tech laboratory with the major Belarusian IT university (BSUIR).

During 2008 Scand was further working out its major .Net and Java development concepts. The company introduced Agile and Scrum methodology into most projects, and launched several projects for which 2008 top-notch technologies like WPF, Silverlight, Groovy, Grails for Java and Python were applied.

2009 brought about the formation of a new group of developers for iPhone mobile platform. The same year Scand developed a Web 2.0 application resembling web-OS using Ajax and dynamic html. We attracted new customers representing the publishing sphere and grew up enough to establish another Minsk-based office.

Since 2010 we keep working with our long-term clients and are currently engaged in several Web mashups and cloud-computing projects for US-based start-ups. We are presently developing a facility management system for a European corporation. We are proud to have released a range of our own software products: Phoebius (a PHP framework), SkyRemote, SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite and some more which we are happy to offer.

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Our corporate brochure containing the most essential information about Scand is now downloadable.

These 15 years of history are the most convincing evidence of Scand's stability and quality of our services, but we are looking for more opportunities in the future, possibly with you as our new client. We offer you our valuable experience in technology and outsourcing area along with the professionalism and talent of our employees accumulated during the decade within the IT.