Hiring procedures

The need for professionals is perpetual and the quality of hiring procedures is one of the key factors of success. We are very much concerned about the hiring procedure and take pains to test the potential team members thoroughly and with responsibility.

We test not only the candidate's theoretical knowledge and practical skills but also make sure that the person is compatible with other project participants. This approach allows building a committed, dynamic and highly productive team.

We have developed an efficient multistep procedure for accepting a candidate:

  • Step 1: Resume. Potential candidates send us their resumes. We pay special attention to the contents of the resume, especially to the candidate's relevant experience, its duration and participation of the author of the resume in successfully completed projects. We also take into consideration the candidate's background and education, certificates received and English language proficiency level.
  • Step 2: Test task. We provide a candidate with a test assignment sending it by e-mail or invite the prospective employee to our office and give him or her a test task to be completed within a limited period of time. This being necessary we enable the customer to test the candidate using telephone or Skype or even personally.
  • Step 3: Interview. If the test task was successfully completed we invite a candidate to an interview to be able to take the final decision.
  • Step 4: Evaluation period. If the candidate was accepted during the interview he or she will have to pass through an evaluation period which can last up to 1 month and takes place in genuine work environment. While the selected candidate works on a real project (sometimes fulfilling factual tasks, sometimes just doing the same tasks as other team members do), both we and the customer can evaluate the candidate's skills and his/her ability to work in a team.

The evaluation period being over and demonstrating positive results, the candidate becomes a full team member.

For projects with more specific requirements this procedure can involve even more steps. But we are convinced that this is one of the most important parts of our business that lets us keep a pool of best specialists in the area.

We are looking for candidates for our currently open positions (in Russian).