IoT Development

With the growth of demand for Internet-enabled devices and IoT we provide our clients our expertise in this area. We are capable of designing end-to-end IoT solutions relying on the standards of device management protocols, server interfaces, gateways, and secure device-to-server and device-to-device communications.

Technologies & Tools
    • STM sensors programming
    • ATMega sensors programming
    • Banana programming
    • Raspberry Pi programming
    • Linux driver development
    • Embedded Linux-based solutions


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IoT Services

Scand developers have relevant expertise in app deployment to gadgets, servers, and cloud services. We are familiar with such IoT programming technologies as tagging, near-field communications, and Bluetooth connectivity. The solutions delivered by our team allow a flawless data flow between gadgets, devices, the Internet, and the connected apps.

We are capable of rendering the following Internet of Things services:

  • IoT mobile app development
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, and REST Built-in
  • Apps Extension to Wearables and Gadgets
  • Connected Apps Development
  • App Tethering
  • IoT Remote Control Programming
  • IoT Cloud Interface Development
  • IoT Mobile Development

We create digital opportunities for:

  • Healthcare Internet of Things by monitoring medical devices and clinical operations
  • Retail by providing unique users’ shopping experience
  • Banking by engaging clients and providing better offers
  • Insurance by monitoring assets and increasing revenue
  • Logistics by providing real-time location visibility and the conditions of assets
  • Manufacturing by monitoring equipment and detecting the one to maintain
  • Smart Home Systems Software Development

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The connection of devices and machines from the physical world to the Internet provides unique user experience and creates many digital opportunities for various businesses:


Why do companies choose our IoT software development service?
  • SCAND Code Etiquette

    Our team produces clean and easily manageable lines of code
  • SCAND Security Confirmation

    We work under the NDA and ISO 27001 information security management standard
  • SCAND Development Flexibility

    Every accepted IT challenge keeps our system developers in good fettle
  • SCAND Deadlines Respectability

    Meeting the deadline of the project is the Golden Rule of our company
  • SCAND Support Policy

    We provide the full-scale maintenance and support of the software developed to keep our customers satisfied
  • SCAND Cost-effective Solutions

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