Outlook4Gmail - sync Outlook contacts and calendars with Google

Business: Business, office app
Development Environment: Visual Studio 2012, Mercurial
Technology: C#, .NET Framework 4.0, WPF, Windows Forms, COM, C++, Google Contacts API, Google Calendar API
Platforms: Windows

The Challenge

Scand developed Outlook4Gmail - a smart Outlook add-in that provides easy synchronization of your Outlook and Gmail accounts. It enables users to synchronize contacts and calendars from Outlook to Google and then with any Android devices. This application will be very useful for everyone who frequently uses Outlook and has numerous Outlook and Gmail contacts needed to be synchronized.

System Highlights

The add-in supports synchronization of Outlook and Google contacts with maximum details: Name, Company, Phones, Emails, Addresses, Dates, Persons, Notes, Contact Picture, Categories and Google Groups, etc. Users can sync or update either Outlook or Gmail address book (one-way synchronization) or choose to update both accounts simultaneously (two-way synchronization).
Outlook4Gmail provides various ways of syncing Calendars: Import a calendar from Google into Outlook, Export an Outlook calendar to Google, Syncing existing calendars, Syncing multiple Google calendars, Creating new calendars.

Key Features

The solution has the following features:

  • Possibility to choose contact sync direction (Outlook ⇒ Gmail, Outlook ⇔ Gmail, Outlook ⇐ Gmail);
  • Synchronization of Contacts from multiple Google accounts with Outlook;
  • Synchronization of Contact Categories with Google Groups;
  • Synchronization of Contact Pictures (users' avatars);
  • Synchronization filter (skip unreliable or incomplete contacts);
  • Synchronization of custom Outlook Contacts folders;
  • Synchronization of Calendars from multiple Google accounts with Outlook;
  • Support for recurring appointments;
  • Possibility to synchronize custom calendars;
  • Possibility to synchronize multiple calendars to one calendar;
  • Possibility to choose an appointments sync direction (Outlook ⇒ Gmail, Outlook ⇔ Gmail, Outlook ⇐ Gmail);
  • Support of Internet Calendars and shared users' Calendars ;
  • Support of multiple Outlook Data Files (*.pst);
  • Automatic scheduled synchronization by time interval;
  • Support of large amounts of data to be synchronized;
  • Application ribbon (Outlook 2010 or higher);
  • Application menu and toolbar (Outlook 2003-2007).


Outlook4Gmail comes with a lot of handy features and works perfectly and it is really a good option to use this app for syncing Google and Outlook accounts.