EasyOrder - order management system

Business: B2B, Procurement
Development Environment: PHPStorm, SVN, SQLyog
Technology: Custom framework, jQuery, Google Maps, TCPDF

The Challenge

This project appears to be an order management software for beer machines in the retail industry. Our team developed customer care management solution that allows to make accounting automation of the assigned equipment for their ongoing maintenance and, if necessary, for additional equipment supplying.

System Highlights

This solution allows to automate the equipment maintenance procedure with the ability of manual configuration.

Key features

Access to module objects was presented as follows:

  • A form for adding / editing / viewing the object's properties;
  • A spreadsheet with sorting and filtering;
  • A calendar with a clear management interface of timing parameters;
  • As objects on Google Maps.

We used third-party libraries for GUI implementation. That allowed to enter new forms into already existing interface, provided checking if the forms filled out correctly as well as the selection of related values for fields without refreshing the page.

Using the libraries we were able to create:

  • Spreadsheets with flexible configuration of sorting and filtering by numerous fields ( one or a set of conditions);
  • The Calendar Planner, which allows to display the most important information about the objects and to realize control over them.

For printing we wrote pdf-file creating mechanism. We added bar-codes (format E128) to the printing forms, that ensured an easy introduction of paper documents to the electronic document management systems and accounting. We used a free PHP library TCPDF in order to create PDF documents.

We added an orders presentation interface using Google-Map API. Google Map API allowed to join automatically equipment location to the geographic coordinates. Using Google Maps services provides a visual representation of the service centers location, as well as the distance from the service centers to the equipments location.


Scand team developed business process automation software solution which can be successfully used in the retail industry.