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Scand Ltd. is a software development company in Eastern Europe and specializes in providing outsourcing services in the following areas:

  • custom software development
    We comply with the latest development and technology standards, apply cutting edge software engineering methodologies and integration procedures adjusted to every specific case.
  • design, redesign, support, integration and maintenance of custom software
    We are ready to go an extra mile to be always at hand when support, maintenance or our creative activity to perform design or redesign is required.
  • software testing
    We provide our customers with the important information about the quality of their software or our product that is planned to be used for their purposes. Our usage of advanced testing procedures ensures software positive performance.
  • information technology consulting
    To make offshore software development efficient and reduce the related costs our customers often request process and technology consulting that prove to be of considerable use to them while building a productive model of software development outsource.
  • writing technical documentation
    We also offer compiling technical documentation for the software we develop. Software documentation serves as a written description and as a detailed explanation of the application functions. We normally provide our clients with user manuals, operation and servicing instructions.
  • custom web-design and original artwork
    Supplying our clients with custom web design and original artwork we help them individualize their business and make it stand out of the crowd.

Scand's primary activity lies within software development. Whereas normally software development involves application testing, writing technical documentation and specifications, our company provides the afore-mentioned services as well. The majority of projects needs artwork and custom design and we always have our own in-house web designers to be able to offer our clients a web design option both attached to software development and as a separate service.

We encompass agile development methodologies and are experts in Web2.0 technologies and rapid application development frameworks. During the last five years we have successfully used Groovy/Grails technologies for dozens of applications including complex enterprise systems. Why Groovy/Grails?

Scand predominantly specializes in developing software based on Java, .NET, PHP, C++, Ruby on Rails and Groovy on Grails technologies. However, we have accumulated experience in a wide range of other, not so frequently used technologies like Objective C, driver development, Python, etc. For more details please refer to our Core Competencies and Experience.

While working on the projects we get in close touch with the corresponding professional sphere and scrutinize its every aspect specific for the software under development. That is why, Scand possesses deep knowledge and broad practical experience in such industries as printing, eCommerce, product life cycle management (PLM), postal services, banking sector, etc. For more details on expertise and knowledge aggregated by Scand in various industrial realms please refer to the Industries section.

We welcome every opportunity to be helpful to our customers in everything regarding software development. Working with every single client we apply the latest development standards and innovative technologies, advanced engineering practices and methodologies as well as integration procedures specific for every single project. Scand offers various methods of work. Sure, we'll be able to work out the model suitable for you personally!