TreeTable Swing editionTreeTable

We have ported our TreeTable applet and standalone component to Swing.
As Sun JRE plugin becomes widely used, we do not need to limit our components to the older Java versions and to AWT only design. We redesigned our component, so it uses now Swing and is compatible with other Swing components.

It is a special Swing edition and it does not affect AWT component at all.
They both share the same functionality and API, but compiled independently.

Previous AWT version was very hard and sometimes even impossible to incorporate into Swing projects, as any other AWT component. So we derived the new TreeTable from JPanel initially, and use Swing scrollbars, popup menus, edit fields (text, combo-box). We also adopted our event handlers to be consistent with Swing requirements.

Unlike other Swing grids, we do not introduce abstract grid/tree models which make it pretty complex to build a fast and reliable solution. Instead, we incorporated TreeTable functionality from the beginning, tested it very well in lots of real solutions, so TreeTable user can build its own solutions much easier and faster. We also developed and polished the parameters, XML schema and the API during years of usage. And finally, it is much smaller and a way faster in painting than existing Swing grids.

Our features and your benefits

  • we developed special component for tree-table (tree-grid) view, so we optimized all its functionalityfor this task.
  • we have very comfortable and very easy to use API, even for the beginners.
  • we provide the fastest painting in the competitive comparison.
  • we have such a feature as dynamical loading of sub-nodes, so they are loaded level by levelonly when user opened them.
  • we have published a variety of event handlers for particulary all useful event types.
  • we have the treetable editable, with different widgets (text, dropdown, checkbox, calendar, custom).
  • we support limited html tags in the cell text.
  • we have auto-wrap capability for cells.
  • we have variable row height (even auto adjustable).
  • we have customizable, fast column sorting and multi-column sorting.
  • and finally we have a years of successful experience with this component, so this code is practically proven in a number of applications.

Sample 1: a Tree-grid.

Click any cell on the selected row to edit it. Right-click a cell to pop-up the menu.Use column header to sort or resize the column.

Interesting? Email us to get a free eval version: