TrafficPanel – network traffic managementTrafficPanel

Scand provides a web based network management tool – TrafficPanel. This product provides full-featured management of web traffic flows in a company's network through gateway. It is not just firewall which can allow or prohibit communication, it is an extendible opensource solution for complex traffic management that allows setting maximal amount of transferred data, set traffic priority, block http traffic of inappropriate web resources and many other features. TrafficPanel architecture is based on modules around a TrafficPanel kernel and because of open source and strong kernel API new customer-required modules will be developed in later. This product belongs to firewalls family in the world, it is able to manage local network IP and it is a great solution for small and medium companies who need to have control over network speed and security.

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This product provides a highly cost-effective solution against expensive hardware devices or Windows-based solutions because it is a Linux-based solution and it is free. TrafficPanel is able to provide at least the same features and can be easy extended with new functionality even by your network administrator.

TrafficPanel has 15 modules which implement the following main features:

TrafficPanel Dashboard

Do you know a more advanced Linux firewall tool? Let us know and we will add the required module to have the same TrafficPanel feature.

TrafficPanel provides flexible UI to manage traffic rapidly through your proxy server without requirements using ssh access and get current network state in a user friendly format in your preferred browser and by email. It allows you to save priceless time and react to changeable network situation quickly.