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SkyHistory Wins FinancesOnline 2017 Great User Experience Award For Communications Software!

Sometimes to become successful means hard labor as it is given in the Latin proverb: ‘Per aspera ad astra’ or in other words, the way through difficulties to the stars. That’s basically the story of one of our products – … Continue reading

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New Outlook4Gmail website launch

Recently our company has had many events to celebrate and activities to participate: International Corporate Volunteering Day, Scand’s Birthday and the launch of our product website: The life story of Outlook4Gmail has been eventful and successful and we are … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons to use SkyHistory for your Skype account

Make your Skype chat history trackable, scalable and easily manageable. Get this unique user experience with SkyHistory developed by Scand Ltd. Everybody heard of Skype and almost everybody is using it, so there is no need to explain how Skype … Continue reading

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How to develop high-quality insurance software with impressive infographics

There is not a single sphere in the modern business world that could be active and profitable without the implementation of software. Many developers and software companies are spending time and efforts to come up with the idea of business … Continue reading

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TouchZ touches new bug tracking approach based on visualization

A handy open source library designed for iOS developers, testers and everyone interested in mobile app development. TouchZ optimizes time and efforts spent on testing and help app developers to get a better insight of how bugs occur. Our library … Continue reading

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Outlook4Gmail gives more control over your Outlook and Google accounts

Many of us use both Google and Outlook accounts and which are usually abundant with working contacts organized in groups and categories as well as many calendars and events. Some people have more than one Google account. Outlook4Gmail syncs your … Continue reading

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Protect your data with WinGPG, free encryption software

Stay protected with WinGPG, free open source encryption software created by Scand Ltd (based upon GnuPG). An easy-to-use Windows tool for files encryption, secure messaging and overall data protection driven by open-source PGP program reveals its power. Initially, the idea … Continue reading

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SkyHistory – a full featured Skype chat history manager

Six years ago Scand decided to release a new tool that helps to advance efficiency and productivity of your communication via Skype. During this ‘six-year-period’ SkyHistory had its ‘per Aspera ad Astra’ time and finally its glory hour has struck. … Continue reading

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One Story of Making a Server Part Using D Language

Preface Not so long ago our company released a fun-making app Selfie King. It’s a refreshing way to interact with your friends and even total strangers through taking selfies and joyful way to challenge each other. And today’s post is … Continue reading

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Realm Browser Library – easy viewing and editing Realm database files on Android

Due to the development of smartphones more and more applications get created specifically for mobile devices. Therefore, developers search for tools that will provide maximum efficiency and quality. Also, it is preferable that tool is ready for scalability and carrying … Continue reading

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