Happy New Groovy 1.7.9 Release!

The release of Groovy 1.7.9 was announced on March 09, 2011.
The Groovy development team made a 1.7 line release upon fixing several small, however, sometimes critical bugs that caused troubles in some cases. We at Scand faced those troubles while using Groovy 1.7.7 as our basic version – predominantly, they were minor bugs including bad regression (mentioned below in our blog), a garbage collection error in Groovy 1.7.7, a bug of a String handled incorrectly during array conversion, etc. A bigger bug caused Groovy to generate a new call site class at runtime for each method call, which resulted in rapid decrease of available permgen space. It was also fixed prior to the stable branch 1.7 latest release.

As a result, we managed to ice-rocket from Groovy 1.7.7 having a collection of minor bugs  through Groovy 1.7.8 to version 1.7.9 which has no critical issues for us.
Groovy 1.7.9 binary and source release versions as well as online documentation are available for download.

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